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Yellow painted wall with actor Benicio Del Torro from the film The French Dispatch

Welcome to The Christchurch Film Enthusiast

You like films? I like films!

I’m Fred.

I’m a writer with a passion for art and cinema. I love to discover underrated and over-looked films. I like all kinds of films, whether on the fringes of cult status, or staring mainstream cinema right in the face.

I want to show people there are so many great films waiting to be enjoyed, if you just look beyond the surface of familiarity.

The Blog

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Adam Driver in the Film Paterson sitting alone on a bench


There’s great satisfaction in watching a film that lives up to your expectations. Sometimes a film just hits you right. Due to certain circumstances, it resonates with you, it sparks something. The effect can be…

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Letterboxd is a ‘social media’ site/app where users log films they’ve seen. You can connect with other film buffs, leave reviews and loads more.

I also publish all my reviews (and sometimes other snippets) here.

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I love to hear about other projects and goings on, why not drop me an email, or reach out on LinkedIn.

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